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Alternatively, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office. 

2017 Volume 13.aspxAESS Newsletter 2017 Volume 132017 Volume 1315/08/20172 KB
2017 Volume 12.aspx2017 Volume 122017 Volume 122/08/20172 KB
2017 Volume 11.aspx2017 Volume 112017 Volume 1120/07/20172 KB
2017 Volume 10.aspx2017 Volume 102017 Volume 1022/06/20172 KB
2017 Volume 9.aspx2017 Volume 92017 Volume 98/06/20172 KB
2017 Volume 8.aspxAESS Newsletter 2017 Volume 82017 Volume 825/05/20172 KB
2017 Volume 7.aspxAESS Newsletter 2017 Volume 72017 Volume 710/05/20172 KB
2017Volume6.pdf2017 Vol 062017Volume627/04/2017394 KB
2017 Volume5.pdf2017 Vol052017 Volume520/04/2017476 KB
2017Volume4.pdf2017 Vol 042017Volume416/03/2017295 KB
2017Volume3.pdf2017 Vol 032017Volume31/03/2017640 KB
2017Volume2.pdf2017 Vol 022017Volume215/02/2017507 KB
2017Volume1.pdf2017 Vol 012017Volume11/02/2017829 KB
Volume-18-2016.pdfVolume 18 2016Volume-18-201623/11/2016361 KB
Volume-17-2016.pdfVolume 17 2016Volume-17-201610/11/2016350 KB
Volume-16-2016.pdfVolume 16 2016Volume-16-201627/10/2016296 KB
Volume-15-2016.pdfVolume 15 2016Volume-15-201618/10/2016712 KB
Volume-14-2016.pdfVolume 14 2016Volume-14-201613/09/2016567 KB
Volume-13-2016.pdfVolume 13 2016Volume-13-201631/08/2016859 KB
Newsletter-Volume-12-2016.pdfNewsletter Volume 12 2016Newsletter-Volume-12-201618/08/2016646 KB
Volume-11-2016.pdfVolume 11 2016Volume-11-20165/08/2016562 KB
volume-10-2016.pdfNewsletter Volume 10volume-10-201620/07/2016277 KB
volume-9-2016.pdfNewsletter Volume 9volume-9-201616/06/2016448 KB
volume-8-2016.pdfNewsletter Volume 8volume-8-20162/06/2016354 KB